We were blessed with nice weather and had a very successful Halloween event on Saturday, October 24th.  We had 42 pumpkins entered into our pumpkin carving contest and our Coeymans councilman, Brandan LeFevere graciously agreed to be our judge.  (Pictures of the winning pumpkins are below!)  All winners received a gift card and little bag of halloween goodies.  Everyone who entered the contest received a cup of treats and a gift card for a free cone which was donated from our local Stewarts shop.  

          Cars drove down the driveway to view the lit pumpkins while listening to a Halloween playlist on Grace’s radio station.  Once cars drove around the corner by the kitchen door, !8 youth helped to scare the cars as they drove around the parking lot and exited at the top of the driveway.  We had rave reviews from the cars as they exited and several cars went through the drive a second time because their kids enjoyed it so much.

           We collected a significant amount of canned goods as well as some cash donations as admission to our event which we will bring to St. Patrick’s food pantry.  Each car received treat bags on their way out.  

          Many thanks to Audry and George June and Mike Mattick for their help welcoming cars to our event.  Thank you Brian Phillips for helping us get set up with the audio! We are also grateful to everyone who helped by donating candy, money, candles and extension cords to help our event go smoothly.  

          We were so proud of how the kids maintained all their COVID requirements by keeping their masks on and socially distancing.  While this year’s event was definitely different than previous years, we were grateful to have the opportunity to keep our Halloween tradition alive.  We had so much fun with the pumpkin carving contest we will probably make that an annual tradition!  Thanks to everyone who attended!!

Judge Brandan LeFevere               Youth Who Helped                                                                   





   Judges Choice Award






       Scariest                             Most Creative             Funniest                        MostArtistic

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