Message from Rev. Antonio Booth

The CROP Walk will be held the last Sunday in June- June 28th. It will be a virtual walk. What does this entail?


The walk will have a designated walk with markers for people to stop, reflect on the issues of hunger and to pray. We encourage churches to create teams to participate in the walk. 


Although the walk is scheduled for June 28th churches are encouraged to have teams of people to walk any time from the Friday, June 26th through Sunday, June 28th. We will want churches to reserve a time.   We can walk because we usually have about forty people in attendance.  So, each church will probably have at the most ten people. Encourage everyone to wear a mask and hand sanitizer. We want everyone to be safe. 


Finally, I want to encourage you to give online. Ravena CROP Walk has an online giving page. Go to  Set up your Church team. You can have you members give to your team online. If you do not feel comfortable with online giving, please mail checks to Fran Lobdell at Grace United Methodist Church, 16 Hillcrest Drive, Ravena, NY 12143


This has been a challenging year. However,  with the Lord we can meet the challenge because Jesus is the Lord our Banner! 

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